Адреса: м. Тернопіль, вул. Сліпого 5
Телефон:+38 (0352) 55-00-82, +38 (067) 352-76-90

The Belgian capital is one of Europe’s lesser-known gems, yet it’s fully worth a visit. In addition to some of the best waffles and chocolates worldwide, the city boasts an amazing array of things to see and do. Not convinced? Here’s a sample of highlights.

French fries? Belgian fries!

As any Belgian will proudly tell you, they are the true inventors of the deep-fried potato. Try out the Belgian fries and decide for yourself whether the much-touted double-frying method is worth all the hype (best enjoyed together with a steaming bowl of clams, which restaurants customarily serve with a bottomless side of fries).

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Emma Churchill

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Beautiful Brussels

Запит про наявність туру та інше, про що ви хотіли би дізнатися.

Запит про наявність туру або та інше, що ви хотіли б знати.